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The Corporation: CHILDREN OF THE FOREST, INC. (Copyright)

Program Objective: 
To empower our children with strength to achieve their goals and dreams and to preserve the environment and Rain Forest with the help of your seven new friends, the Children of the Forest.
his creation was designed as a marketable concept to be used by companies that are interested in licensing contracts, and have the capabilities and resources to mass produce and advertise a product that could be multi-dimensional with endless possibilities. 

There are many facets to the marketability of these characters to include, but not limited to; Movies, Television, Animation, Books, Stories, Collectible items, and everyday items that children desire. These characters are so lovable with their cherubic faces and endearing qualities that they are sure to be popular with children of all ages. 

he Children of the Forest will become your child's best friends. They have a unique way of involving children in play that is fun loving and innocent, yet dependent upon the use and development of your child's imagination. Your child will learn positive ways of relating to others when they watch the Children of the Forest help the "Lobes" and the "Dreaded 9's" find meaning and purpose in their lives. The idea behind Children of the Forest is a non-violent, educational and entertaining way of enlightening the youngsters of our society and making them sensitive to the plight of their environment. It is important for children today to realize their goals and dreams and to know that they have the power within them to achieve whatever is in their hearts. 

With the purchase of each doll you will receive a beautiful collectors scroll of parchment paper, which contains the story of your new friend; a Certificate of Membership which, should you complete and return, will make your child a member of record in the Children of the Forest Family, and within the packaging of each doll will be an order form for various other collectible items. 

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