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These characters are positive roll models with valuable lessons for children to learn. To help them reach thier goal they must venture out of Fantasyland into our world. Dressed in modern attire to help disguise them, they subtly assist anyone, or anything, who might be in trouble and help fulfill thier goals and dreams. The Children of the Forest will encourage your child's generation to make our world a better, healthier and more peaceful place to live.

The Children of the Forest family:

Marky the Wizard:

Marky has been given the gift of Wisdom and Choices. Marky is a very wise wizard who has been accepted as the father figure. He is always available to give his guidance and advice when needed. You never know where you might find Marky, for his magic allows him to become anyone or anything he pleases.
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Woody the Gnome:

Woody has the gift of Good Cheer and Helpfulness. Woody is hard working and always willing to help. If someone is feeling down, you can bet Woody is very close at hand to raise thier spirits and make them feel better, and you can bet that it will always involve a treat from his kitchen. With such a talented chef in the family no one ever goes hungry.

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Gabby the Fairy:

Gabby possesses the gift of Singing and Happiness. To Gabby all feelings, good and bad, can be expressed through song. For Gabby the only way to treat people is with kindness, she can see only the good in everyone and everything. The sweet song of her loving heart will bring you feelings of safety, security, and peace.
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Dewey the Elf:

Dewey has been given the gift of Sharing and Honesty. If ever there is a dispute that cannot be settled, Dewey will use his arbitrary talents to settle it fairly. It should not surprise you that even the animals respect Dewey's solutions and often seek his advice. Dewey is always around to remind the Children of the Forest that honesty can always solve any problem they may have (you can imagine how busy they keep him).

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Misty the Elf Princess:

Misty's special gifts are Loving and Giving. Misty's heart knows no bounds, she has an unconditional love for every living creature. If someone is in need, Misty will use all the power she possesses to help them, whatever they may need. Misty is known to always have a treat of some kind in her pocket for a hungry animal. She also has a wondrous ability to speak the lanuage of any and all animals.
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Boogy the Goblin:

Boogy has been blessed with the gift of Laughter and Fun. No one is safe with Boogy around, he will get you sooner or later with one of his fun-loving pranks. You can always depend on Boogy to bring fun and laughter into your life wth his mischievous ways. Don't get caught playing pranks on Boogy, for you will surely get one of his award winning scowls. But not to worry, it won't last long and the music of his laughter will soon be ringing in your ears again.

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Herman the Troll:

Herman has the gift of Curiosity and Knowledge. Herman lives under the bridge of which he is the keeper. He is the coolest! If you wish to enter the world of the Children of the Forest, all you need do is answer Herman's riddle of the day. Herman's curiosity has brought him a wealth of knowledge, and his riddles may not always be easy. Although he may seem rough and tough, in the end he will give the answer away, for he loves to make new friends.
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