Dewey the Elf
Magic of Sharing and Honesty

Known throughout the Forest for noble deeds and fair dealing is Dewey the Elf. Whenever a squabble breaks out among the Children of the Forest, or the animals, Dewey can be counted upon to settle it to everyone's satisfaction. 

Once, the squirrels thought Woody the Gnome was getting more than his fair share of nuts because he was bigger than they were and could reach farther. They fussed about it for days, holding meetings in the Forest. When Misty the Elf Princess heard of it, she sent Benny Beaver to fetch Dewey the Elf. 

As soon as Dewey heard both sides of the story, he sat down on a rock to think. All of the Forest Creatures were silent, some of them even holding their breath as they waited for Dewey to speak. 

At last Dewey scrambled to his feet and dusted the seat of his tan breeches and dark green jerkin. Adjusting his brown belt with the big gold buckle and stamping his booted feet to awaken Boogy the Goblin (who had fallen asleep), Dewey began to walk, measuring off an imaginary line, as everyone watched in amazement. 

"From Woody's hollowed tree to the back of the Stream of Fantasy, the left side of the Forest will be for Woody to search for nuts. The half on the right side will be for the squirrels. That way there will be enough for everyone." 

Gasps of relief and excited chattering were heard throughout the crowd. Woody the Gnome and the squirrels clustered around Dewey, shaking his hand and thanking him for the Solution to their Problem. Peace was restored to the Forest thanks to Dewey the Elf. 

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