Herman the Troll
Magic of Curiosity and Knowledge

Anyone wishing to cross the Bridge of Contentment into the Land of the Fairies must first meet Herman the Troll. And woe to the person who cannot answer the Password Riddle, for Herman takes his job guarding the Bridge most seriously. Approaching the Bridge of Contentment, you can hear only the trickle of the Stream of Fantasy. But set one foot on the Bridge itself, and Herman comes out from his home beneath the Bridge in a flash! 

Dressed in green breeches, held in place by a rope belt tied around his furry little body, and fierce look upon his face, Herman the Troll gruffly demands the answer to his Riddle-of-the-Day. But don't be afraid. Herman is only pretending to be ferocious! If you have thought hard and still don't know the answer, Herman will answer it himself in a disgusted tone of voice. Then he will continue to ask and answer riddles until he finds one that you can answer. 

Herman, you see, is really kind underneath all that gruffness. He knows how much fun it is to dance among the flowers found in the Meadow of Delight in the Land of the Fairies, and he doesn't want anyone to miss out. Besides that, he loves riddles. he collects them to put in his Big Riddle Book. If you know of any, be sure to save them for Herman the Troll, because although he loves asking riddles, he loves to guess the answers for ones he doesn't know even more! 

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