Woody the Gnome
Magic of Good Cheer and Helpfulness 

Deep in the Forest near the Stream of Fantasy, which separates the Land of the fairies, lies a huge and ancient hollowed oak tree. This is the home of Woody the Gnome. Hard-working and helpful, Woody is one of the most dependable of the Children of the Forest. If a good deed needs to be done, you may be sure Woody is close by, yet few human beings have seen this bashful little gnome.  

Woody doesn't say much, but his big blue eyes can twinkle with pleasure when he has helped a friend. His deep chuckles are a delight to hear whenever the Children of the Forest can persuade him to play games. Scampering clumsily on his chubby legs, Woody's floppy pant legs sometimes trip him and he falls down quite regularly as he plays Hide and Seek, huffing and puffing, all the while his green cap slipping down over one eye.  

If you happen to be in the park, or maybe in your own backyard, you might hear Woody rustling in the bushes as he looks for the plumpest nuts. Like the industrious squirrels, Woody knows just where the best ones are to be found, and he busily gathers them for winter food. The storage branches in the old tree are bulging with all kinds of different nuts and acorns.  

Although Woody is a busy fellow, he often takes time for a good meal, as you can see from the barely buttoned red shirt stretched over his round tummy. As with all good cooks, Woody the Gnome has his favorite recipes. An invitation to dine is not to be taken lightly as his Acorn Salad, Walnut Fricasse, and Pecan Mousse must be tasted to be believed! 

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