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The Villains

he Villains in The Children of the Forest are essential to the collection.  They will help teach your children how to deal with negative forces in a fun loving, positive way.  The Children of the Forest Villains help your child build a strong character and encourage them to look for positive solutions to negative problems.  These adorable little villains cause just enough mischief without being overly naughty.  Please continue down the page and get to know the Dreaded Nines and The Lobes.

The Dreaded Nines

he Dreaded Nines are a group of mischievous characters that have a lot of good in their hearts, but can't resist the urge to misbehave.  Because they are like this they will forever be nine years old.  They cannot turn ten until they have learned the important lessons of life.  They must learn to respect others, to be polite, and to be responsible.  When they have learned all these things, they will be the most fun loving ten year olds you would ever want to meet.

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The Lobes

ou can always spot a lobe because their ears have been pulled on one too many times.  They want everyone to look like them so when they have a chance they will capture you and pull and stretch your ears until you become one of them.  They are fun characters but, once a Lobe always a Lobe.

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